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MBL has a limited number of tickets available for the New York Yankees games. Always high demand games. To order tickets, read more.

MBL has 3 sets of 4 tickets for all Twins games. Click here to find out how to purchase tickets.

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Rainout Line
(952) 777-4929
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If there are any weather delays we will update the Rainout link. Please have everybody on your team sign up for this free app then they will receive information about their team’s game through their choice of communication.

Pools & Brackets are now posted. Please click onto the "Pools & Brackets" tab on the lefthand side for 10AAA, 10A, 11AAA, 11A, 12AAA, 12A, 13AAA, 14AA & 15AAA. We are still working on 14AAA and will post on here as soon as we get it completed.

 MBT State Tournament Questions and Answers Click link to left

If your team sent in an MBT State Tournament Entry form, please click onto "Who's Playing" on the lefthand side of this website and make sure your team is listed. If it is not, please contact me at jeul@mbl.bz  


 MBT TEAM ELIGIBILITY REGULATIONS (2015) Click link to left 




MBT State Tournament Dates & Locations  Click link to left


MBT Qualifier Application (2015)  Click link to left


For the 2015 MBL/MBT Season the Bat Rules will remain the same as 2014 except the new 10-U bat rules for MBL/MBT are:

Bats must be 2 1/4" with unlimited weight differential or bats must be between 2 1/2" and 2 3/4"and have a -10 differential or less (i.e. 30” – 20.0 oz.)


2015 MBT State Tournament Dates

 July 10-12: 10AAA, 11AAA, 12AAA, 13AAA, 14AAA, 15AAA, 14AA, 10A, 11A, & 12A

July 17-19: 10AA, 11AA, 12AA, 13AA, 15AA, 13A, & 14/15A 


2015 AUGUST CLASSIC is July 29 - August 2



 For the 2015 MBL/MBT season all bats in the 10 – 14 year old age group, big barrel bats must have the NEW USSSA Approved 1.15 BPF stamp on its taper, Babe Ruth Approved 1.15 BPF stamp or BBCOR stamp. For small barrel bats (2 1/4"), 10 - 13 year olds use all of the above stamps or you can also use bats that have the old approved USSSA 1.15 mark or it can have any 1.15 stamp on the bat. 15 year olds must use a BBCOR bat (Batted Ball Coefficient or Restitution). See link below. For all other bat restrictions, please see MBT Rules. 

USSSA Baseball Bat New Mark Rules Click Link

Minnesota Concussion Law Click Link


  The Metro Baseball League and Minnesota Baseball Tournaments Office officially moved 1/17/2011.

The new mailing address is: 1525 E Hwy 13, Burnsville, MN 55337 

(GPS location for driving directions: 1525 16th Ave So, Burnsville, MN 55337).



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