2024 August Classic Information

Overview of the 2024 August Classic 

Friday Aug 2nd | Saturday Aug 3rd | Sunday Aug 4th 

Sites: Lakeville: King & Quigley Eastview/Apple Valley: EVHS, JCRP & Quarry Bloomington: Hrbek and Kelly Fields Burnsville: Sue Fischer Park 

August Classic Teams will be formed from current MBL rosters. Each age/level will have its own August Classic Tournament, comprised of 4-12 AC teams. Each AC team roster will be made from 3-5 MBL teams. Each MBL team will provide 2-4 players to their AC assigned team. Each AC team will play 4 games total (weather permitting). 

Probable Schedule Friday: One game at 4pm, 6pm or 8pm Saturday: Two games (one morning, one afternoon) Sunday: One game (morning or early afternoon) 

Other Details AC Players are chosen by their MBL team’s coaches. There are many diƯerent processes that can be used to select your AC players from your MBL roster (more details will be sent out regarding this). Any MBL head or assistant coach can volunteer to be an August Classic Head Coach. The AC head coaches will be selected by the MBL Staff, and we will use geographic location as our first criteria when selecting the coaches. AC Head coaches will select their AC assistant coaches. It is the coaches’ decision whether to schedule optional practices prior to the tournament. 

The cost for participating in the August Classic is $85/player. 

All AC players receive a unique AC commemorative trophy and a t-shirt. They will also get a free game ticket and food voucher to a St. Paul Saints game on 8/21/24 with pregame onfield activities at CHS field. Families can also purchase tickets to a Twins game on 8/28/24 where the players and coaches can walk on Target field pre-game and have their team featured on the scoreboard and announced to the fans. All AC head and assistant coaches receive the Saints ticket package, the Twins opportunity, and an AC Hat. The AC head coaches will also receive an AC Coaches Shirt. QUESTIONS? Contact Todd Scharber (952-641-6610 or tscharber@mbl.bz)

2024 August Classic Information:

The August Classic is a season ending event, coordinated by the MBL. The AC takes 2-4 players from every MBL team and groups those players with 3 to 4 other MBL teams to create an August Classic team. That AC team then plays 4 games in the AC tournament (weather permitting) against other August Classic teams in their age and level group. For this tournament to take place we need the following: 

1. Fields: Our host cities will be Lakeville, Eastview (in Apple Valley), Bloomington and Burnsville.
2. Umpires: We use three different Umpire Assignors and we usually have no issues filling our games.
3. Players: We have not had any problems coming up with rosters of 12 or 13 players for each team.
4. August Classic Head Coaches: This is always the hardest group to fill, we need approximately 150 – 160 AC Head coaches every year.

The 2024 August Classic will be held from Fri, Aug 2nd through Sun, August 4th. (Cost is $85/Player) 

Number of August Classic Teams: Each age/level group will have a certain number of AC teams based on how many teams there are in the MBL spring/summer season. Each AC team will have a roster of 12 or 13 total players, made from 3, 4 or 5 different MBL teams. The players wear their own MBL team’s uniforms, and this creates a great all-star game atmosphere. The number of teams and ultimately players will be reduced if we are unable to get enough AC head coaches.
August Classic Head Coaches: AC head coaches can be a current MBL Head or MBL Assistant coaches or if there is a parent from your team with the ability to coach an AC team, we can also use them as a head coach.
August Classic Assistant Coaches: AC Assistants are chosen by that teams AC head coach. Normally they are coaches from the same MBL team as the AC head coach (if their child is chosen to participate) or the assistant coaches can be parents/coaches of the other players on your AC team.
August Classic Players: Each MBL Head Coach will be responsible for choosing the correct number of players to represent his MBL team in the August Classic. We will not know the correct amount of players we need from your MBL team until we know that we have the correct amount of AC head coaches. Once an age/level group has the AC head coaches we need, we will send out an email letting you know how many players we need from your specific MBL team.
August Classic Head Coach Roster Benefits: If you are an AC Head Coach we will use at least 3 players from your MBL team and If you decide you want an AC roster of 13 players (most teams do this) you will be able to choose a 4 th player from your team. This extra player from your MBL team is a way to alleviate any tension from parents if they think your child should not have been chosen to play. The important thing is to get enough AC head coaches ASAP so we can start organizing rosters and schedules. August Classic Practices: AC teams do not have to practice, but normally they will have at least one practice just to get to know everyone. 

Please call Todd Scharber at 952-641-6610 or email Todd at tscharber@mbl.bz if you have any questions. We will be sending out different scenarios on how to pick your players but it is really whatever way your MBL team wants to do it. Please do not guarantee any players a spot in the AC until we have emailed your age/level on how many players we need from your MBL team.