2024 MBL Season - Playoffs - Brackets

Welcome to the 2024 MBL Playoffs!  The brackets are created by computer ranking with weighted factors including finish within region, league record and geography.  In some cases, seeding integrity will be overridden by geography/travel time constraints.

Brackets are slated to be published July 3. All brackets are single elimination.

Coaches: Your role in the playoff scheduling process is critical. The high seed has the option to host each playoff game. (Exception: Championship games at King / Hrbek / Haddox.) The coach of the home team must:
(1) Secure a field
(2) Communicate and agree on date/time with opponent
(3) Confirm game details with their umpire assignor
(4) Post the game details on the MBL web site by clicking the game ID

In case of rain, games move to the following day. Please monitor the weather forecast.
Rd 16 - Mon, July 8 (July 9 is an option if necessary - i.e., umpire/field availability)
Quarterfinals - Mon, July 8 OR Tue, July 9 (July 10, if necessary)
Semifinals - Tue, July 16 (July 15 or 17, if necessary)
Championship - July 23-25 (Check your brackets for exact game times; List of dates/locations TBA.)
* Note: These game dates are strongly suggested as they protect the weekends for those teams in state tournaments. If you and your opponent agree on an alternate date, that is acceptable - so long as you are completing the playoff round before the end of the week.

** Both coaches should enter the game results/pitch count on the MBL site, as they would in regular season. Pitch counts are the same for playoffs as regular season league games. This includes the weekly limits.

*** Game dates/info cannot be entered into the MBL site until two teams appear in the bracket. (For example, even though Team A is seeded #1 and knows they will host a quarterfinal, the game details can't be entered until the winner of Team B vs Team C is determined and advanced in the bracket.) However, we recommend teams that know they will host an upcoming game, connect with both coaches from their possible opponents to communicate regarding date/time for the ensuing round. If you know you will host, contact your umpire assignor directly.

**** For the first week of playoffs, in brackets where some teams could play two games in a single week, games are to be played on the earliest day possible. For example, a Rd 16 game should be scheduled for Monday, July 8 (or even Sunday, if teams, field and umpire are available). The Quarterfinal should played Tuesday or Wednesday.

RAIN - In case of rain, all efforts should be made to schedule the game/continued game for the following day. In this scenario, and if you cannot secure a field from your community for the make-up game, teams may need to play at the lower seed's field. In cases where a team has significant travel time, be mindful of the forecast. (In this scenario, if rain is forecasted for Monday night and both teams/field/umpire are available Tuesday, try and schedule that for Tuesday.)

# The replacement player rule is in effect for league playoffs. You can get a player from same age or lower, and same level or lower.