How to Register

All players, coaches, managers and any other adults associated with a team/community that require access to other coach/tournament information need to be registered with MBL.  Registering is easy.  Use the REGISTER button at the top-right of any MBL page.

NOTE: Each PLAYER needs to be registered; not parent(s) of said player. A parent's email can be used on the account, but the player gets his/her own username. If you are a parent with four kids playing, you need to make four separate accounts/usernames.

How to Register:

(It's a good idea to send new parents a link to this page, or copy and paste this info and email to them.)

Go to
Upper right, click REGISTER.
Fill out Details and Contact Info.
* No typos on DOB.  This is important for many reasons, including tournament roster verification.  DOB needs to match birth certificate.
For EMAIL, use whatever email you want to receive league notifications - i.e., game cancellations.  It can be the same email you may have for other MBL players/accounts.
Username needs to be different than your other accounts.

Once a player is registered, a head coach can add the player to a team.

Players only need to register once for their entire MBL career. For future seasons, the player will remain active and available to be added to rosters.

Questions? Email or call Brian.

Brian Monahan

MBL Director