2021 MBT Rules - Brought to you by TRIA

2021 MBT State Qualifier Rules  Click link on left

2021 MBT State Tournament Rules  Click link on left

1. Concussion certificate. Click link to the right.  https://nfhslearn.com/courses?searchText=Concussion  

2. Abuse Awareness certificate (Child Saftey). Acceptable Certificates are: USA Baseball, USA Hockey, Trusted Coaches, Virtus Training, U.S. Center for SafeSport & Abuse Prevention Systems . Please let us know of any others and we will look into them.

You can find the Abuse Awareness for Adults certificate at: https://usabdevelops.com/ItemDetail?iProductCode=OCAAA&Category=ONLINE&WebsiteKey=f50aacb2-a59e-4e43-8f67-29f48a308a9e  

Clicking on this link leads you to the USA Baseball/Sport Development website. The course that you need to take to become certified is the “Abuse Awareness for Adults” course.

You will have to LOGIN to the site – it’s the same login if you already have an account with USA Baseball, maybe you use the USA Baseball Mobile Coach APP?

You then place the item in your CART and check out (there is no cost associated with taking the course).

From there you will be able to launch the course. The course itself takes about 30 minutes to complete. Be sure to save and PRINT a copy of your certification, once you have completed the course.