Entering Scores

How to Enter MBL Game Scores on the MBL Site:

After completion of an MBL league game, a coach/asst coach/manager from EACH team must enter the score and other data about the game - including pitch counts. Generally, teams input pitch counts for their own team, with opposing coaches checking each others' work for typos or other mistakes.

Again, both teams must input the game info and score.

Team reps must be logged into their MBL account in order to access their team page.

From your team page, which shows your schedule, click on GAME ID on the left side. If you are on a mobile device, you can also click the row that the game appears in.

Next, scroll down and click REPORT SCORE/PITCH COUNT.

Answer all the game data questions and hit SAVE. (If your game was suspended due to weather, select NO for the question: Is Game Complete?" This will change your game status to Suspended.)

Next, add the pitch counts for your team. If you make a mistake by adding pitch count to the wrong player, be sure to delete that number from that player's entry field. You cannot use the number zero; you must delete the character completely. Click SAVE when you have entered all pitch counts for your team.

Next, enter the score of the game. If your opponent has already entered the score, you simply need to verify that the score is correct. If it is not, contact your opponent. Of course, the easiest thing to do is verify the score before you leave the playing field.